Bakery Mix FAQs

Question: Where can I obtain more Mountain Maid low fat bakery mix?

Answer:  As with Mountain Maid™ INDM, our low fat bakery mix is not available for retail sale.  We blend and package Mountain Maid bakery mix under contract with the USDA for distribution to food banks, domestic feeding programs, and other nonprofit organizations.

Question: What is the shelf life of your low fat bakery mix?

Answer:  The "best if used by" date listed on the back of the Mountain Maid bakery mix package corresponds to 12 months after the date of packaging.  This is the recommended date that the product should be used by for the best quality, flavor, and performance.  After the shelf-life has been exceeded, these product characteristics may be negatively impacted.  Because of the variability in distribution, handling, and storage of the product, both at home and once the product leaves our facility, the freshness will vary.  However, we ensure the freshness of our Mountain Maid bakery mix through its "best if used by" date.  

Question:  What allergens are contained in your low fat bakery mix?

Answer:  Mountain Maid low fat bakery mix contains gluten from wheat flour and casein from instant nonfat dry milk.

Question:  I see your product claims to have reduced sodium – by how much has it been reduced?

Answer: The sodium content in our newest bakery mix formula has been reduced by more than 33%, from 660 mg to 410 mg per serving.

Question:  Can I substitute Mountain Maid low fat bakery mix for regular flour in another recipe?

Answer:  No, this is not recommended as our low fat bakery mix contains several other ingredients in addition to wheat flour (such as palm oil and leavening agents) that will impact the performance if used as a substitute for flour in other recipes.

Question:  Can I store Mountain Maid low fat bakery mix in the refrigerator or freezer?

Answer:  Yes, our low fat bakery mix can be stored in either the refrigerator or freezer without any issues.  It is not required to store Mountain Maid bakery mixes under refrigeration by any means, but cooler storage conditions will help extend the shelf-life of the product and help maintain peak freshness.

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