Employee Development

TVS provides an Employee Development program

Vocational Evaluation provides an assessment of an individual's vocational skills. Participants who are at least 16 years old and have some type of disability that affects employment are eligible for this service that is sponsored by NC Division of Vocational Rehabilitation. Individuals learn about their vocational strengths and abilities and how to enter, rejoin and maintain success in the work force. VE can be done at TVS or in the community.  VE is sponsored by NC DVR and is free to the program participants. 


 Work Adjustment Training is a paid work-training during regular TVS hours where individuals with a disability who are at least 16 years old and who lack work experience, a positive work record, or who need specific vocational training and experience can work to overcome barriers to employment and enter a competitive job market.  Training includes instruction in self-esteem, decision making, goal setting, personal skills for success, good work habits, and job seeking skills. WAT is sponsored by NC DVR and is free to program participants.


Work Adjustment Training Job Coaching assists individuals who are at least 16 years of age in a guided job search on-site job coaching, and employer support for job accommodation and implementation. Services are provided at the job site and for the scheduled hours of the specific job.  Services also include follow-up support after placement to ensure individuals maintain employment.  NC DVR sponsors WATJC and it is free to program participants. 


Supported Employment provides job development, intensive training, and  follow-up services to individuals with significant disabilities who are at least 16 years old and want a competitive job.  Services are provided in the community at times required by specific jobs.   NC Division of Vocational Rehabilitation sponsors SE services that are free to program participants.  Smokey Mountain Center also administers state funds and NC Innovations which would support someone through Supported Employment.


Long Term Vocational Support provides on-going support to individuals who received Supported Employment Services to enable them to maintain their community employment.  State funds, administered through Smoky Mountain Center, pay for this service. 

Our School to Work Transition Services program, offered in collaboration with Transylvania County Schools and NCDVR provides services to students and their families who are completing their high school education.


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