Quality Program

At TVS, quality is not an option — it’s ingrained into the fabric of our business.                           

As an SQF Level 3 registered facility, we assure our customers that quality is integrated into every step in our manufacturing processes.  From the receipt of raw materials, through the product realization process, and all the way to the satisfaction of our customers, TVS ensures that quality comes first.                                                     

Quality and food safety go hand-in-hand, and everyone wants to rest assured that what’s on their plates and going in their stomachs is safe. That’s why the safety of our food products is not only a top priority, but a necessity.  TVS takes food safety seriously, and with rising consumer concerns regarding the wholesomeness and integrity of the food supply, TVS is committed to upholding the highest food safety standards.  Our production and sanitation practices, based on the highest industry guidelines and current good manufacturing practices (cGMPs) are put to the test constantly through audits by USDA-AMS, FDA, and other third-party agencies.  TVS has attained SQF Level 3 certification to further ensure that our customers receive a safe quality food.


TVS - Quality Program, ISO 9001

Need Kosher or Organic food products?  TVS has you covered, and is proud to be both a Kosher and Certified Organic food manufacturer.


TVS also maintains a 99.5% on-time delivery rate, and has been awarded USDA’s Outstanding Small Business Supplier in 2005, 2007, and 2010


At TVS, Inc. we are dedicated to:

  • Training employees
  • Valuing all abilities
  • Safety of employees and food
  • Improving continuously
  • Needs of customers
  • Commitment to quality

Tours of our facility are available upon request.

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